Here are a few health and nutrition links related to the talk of Dr. Achim Brünger at the 2004 annual meeting that you may find interesting or useful.
Preventive Medicine and Nutrition
BMGS - The German Federal Ministry of of Health and Social Security
Vitalwelt - A portal about ortho-molecular medicine and nutrition
Orthomed - Ortho-molecular food supplement.
Orthomol - Another ortho-molecular food supplement.
Nutrition and Health
Cornell Cooperative Extension - Cornell's educational system for enabling people to improve their lives and communities, also regarding health and nutrition
BMVEL - The German Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture
DGE - The German Nutrition Society
Was-wir-essen - A portal about natural food production
Stiftung Warentest - A StW-special about healthy nutrition
Medizinfo / Ernährung - A health portal with a special section on nutrition
Netdoktor / Ernährung - Another health portal with special nutrition info
Apotheken Umschau - Online Service - Nutrition info of German pharmacies
Gesunde Rezepte - A German healthy recipies portal

Vitanet / Ernährung - A health portal with large recipie setion.

Chefkoch / Ernährung - The chief's portal about nutrition
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