Welcome to the Website of the
Cornell University Alumni in Germany!
This site is the Exclusive Connection to Cornell University and its Alumni in Germany and beyond. The Alumni of Cornell University in Germany have established it to facilitate contact among their fellow alumni as well as providing personal access to the Cornell experience for interested non - alumni. It seeks both to encourage alumni to become involved in alumni and University activites and increase awareness in Germany about the benefits of the worldwide Cornell Alumni Network.
You may find out about upcoming events, about the activities at the various Club Chapters across Germany, find out how to contact or join us if you wish, or have a look at our past activities. We would be very pleased to tell you how to get involved with us in Germany and its various regions and cities, where we are active.
You may also find links to Cornell University, links to the homepages of other international Cornell Alumni Clubs, fellow Ivy League Alumni Clubs in Germany and intersting Links of the German Cornell Club Chapters.
For upcoming EVENTS please check the actual CALENDAR
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