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Cornell University - Current News and Info
Cornell University - Cornell University home page.
Cornell Daily Sun - Cornell University student newspaper.
Cornell News Service - Press Releases from Cornell University.
Prospective Students & Parents
The Virtual Campus Tour - Your first stop if you are interested applying to Cornell

The Admissions Office - Your next stop after looking a bit around and learning more about the History and Mission of Cornell.

The Financial Aid programs - Your most important step after you are almost certain to become a Cornellian
Cornell Parents - A page with most up-to-date information on events
Cornell University - Alumni and Career Development
Cornell Alumni, Parents and Friends - Cornell University alumni home page.
College and School Connections - catch up with the activities of your college and school
Cornell Alumni Events Calendar - Search for Cornell alumni events and activities, especially useful when traveling. Not always complete, so be sure to check local club and association pages and contact local alumni offices for more info.
Cornell Career Services - Find a new job, or help others in their career searches. Remember to check your college's career resources also.
Cornell University - Other Links
Cornell Athletics - Cornell University Athletics home page.
Cornell Cooperative Extension - Cornell's educational system for enabling people to improve their lives and communities through partnerships that put experience and research knowledge to work.
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